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Assessment Pattern

Assessment Pattern

Students are assessed on:
Scholastic Achievements (Class I - V) 5-point Grading Scale
Scholastic Achievements (Class VI - IX) 8-point Grading Scale
Scholastic Achievements (Class X) 9-point Grading Scale
Co-Scholastic Areas (Class I - VIII) 3-point Grading Scale
Co-Scholastic Areas (Class IX - X) 5-point Grading Scale
In view of the latest guidelines issued by the CBSE board the following shall be considered as the remodeled assessment pattern for Classes I – X:
Assessment Syllabus Written Internal
Periodic Tests 25% 40 marks (April to July) 10 marks (April – July)
Half Yearly 50% 80 marks (April to Sept) 20 marks (April - Sept)
Periodic Tests 75% 80 marks (April to Jan) 20 marks (Oct – Jan)
Final Assessment 100% 80 marks (April to March) 20 marks (Feb & March)


Internal Assessments : 20 marks

a) Periodic tests : Periodic tests will be taken regularly (10% weightage)

b) Notebook submission - (5 marks) 
A total of 5 marks will be dedicated to- neat & timely submission of notebooks based on the following parameters

Sr.No. Parameters Marks Allotted
1 Regularity [with respect to completion of task] 2 marks
2 Punctuality [ Timely Submission of task assigned] 1 mark
3 Neatness & Up-keep of the Notebook [Neat handwriting & presentation, writing of index, date, title of the lesson] 2 marks


c) Subject Enrichment activities – (5 Marks)

These activities will include activities, practical, projects etc. which shall be based on subject-specific application aiming at developing the subject knowledge. Listed below are the subject specific activities:

Languages- Speaking and Listening Activities, (ASL)
Mathematics- Lab Activities and Projects
Science- Practicals , Projects and Other Activities
Social Science-    Maps, Projects, Models etc.
Note: The marking of Notebooks and Subject Enrichment Activities will be done 4 times in a year and the average of the same will be taken at the end of the year


For a student to be promoted to the next class it will be mandatory to attain 40% in Written and Internal Assessments individually.

No. Assessment Marks  
1 Annual Exam 80 Marks  
2 Periodic Tests 10 Marks  
3 Notebooks 05 Marks  
4 Subject Enrichment Activities 05 Marks  
  Total 100 Marks  



  • Minimize misclassification of students on the basis of marks
  • Eliminate unhealthy cut throat competition among high achievers
  • Reduce societal pressure and provide the learners with more flexibility
  • Leads to a better learning environment