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Management Profile

Mr. S D Sharma (Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutions)

During my days of childhood, opportunities were far less as they are today. The children are fortunate that there are ample prospects of growth. Our duty as a school is to ensure that the students achieve the zenith of their success with all the values intact. We emphasize that success will be cherished if it is achieved by proper means and that is why we value ‘VALUES’ at Lexicon.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma (Managing Trustee, Lexicon Group of Institutions)

Education and learning is a continuous life long process. There is no age limit for learning, the moment learning stops, growth stops. We are striving to make our students understand the importance of being lifelong learners. I believe that the basic education given to the students at Lexicon will also teach them the importance of humility and they will remember this even when they become successful leaders tomorrow.

Dr. Neeraj Sharma (Vice-Chairman, Lexicon Group of Institutions)

‘Believe in yourself’ is the motto of the school. These are three simple words but there is immense depth in these words. There is nothing that can stop the growth of Lexiconites. The students of Lexicon would display knowledge and wisdom in the times to come. The motto ‘Believe in yourself’ would be the mantra of success and when the student would come back - owing his success to school, and when he would narrate his days of school with a smile on his face and a glitter in his eyes, that is when I would feel that the school has played an important role in a student’s life.


Dr. Monisha Sharma - Director The Lexicon Schools

Dr. Monisha Sharma, the Director of the Lexicon Group of Schools is a charming, unassuming, and soft spoken visionary. Her penchant to attain new milestones in education and her innate love and affection for the student community has made her push herself to explore new academic adventures within a short span of less than a decade. At the helm of three CBSE High schools, Prof. Monisha Sharma is a B.Tech, MBA,Ph.D and an approved Prof. from University of Pune. She has a keen eye for the latest technological innovations and strives hard to get them functional in our educational setup. Her far sighted academic vision has helped The Lexicon Schools to come up with unique concepts such as Jolly Phonics in Pre-Primary and Class I. Caterpillar to Butterfly or C2Bs, as they are popularly known, is again the brainchild of our dear Director through which she has envisioned of providing every student the opportunity to hold a mike and display his/her innate talents. This activity, from classes L.K.G. – V is hugely popular with our patrons too. Her desire to get the benefits of scientific innovations in education has helped us to come up with the innovative projects in secondary classes from VI – X wherein students work in groups on given topics and display path breaking ideas and inventions.
Director's Message
She strongly believes that, “quest to explore, thirst to experiment and self belief are the traits every achiever on this planet has shown! These are the traits we want to develop in our students along with values. We feel that with an onslaught of technology, it is more important now than ever to make our students not only understand but respect family and relations! Our endeavour is and will always be to equip our students with all the skills needed to make them a complete person, professionally and personally; wanting to learn, grow, excel and innovate while being sensitive to the needs of fellow beings and environment.’’

Mrs Sunita Sharma - Additional Director The Lexicon Schools

Mrs.Sunita Sharma, M.A., B.ED., D.S.M. is an educationist, who has been a brilliant teacher at primary, secondary & senior secondary levels, in schools across India, with enviable 100% results year after year leading her students to outstanding success in scholastic & co-scholastic fields at the highest levels. She has 12 yrs of experience in teaching & 14 yrs of experience as an administrator. Having worked in various national and international schools across India, her last appointment was that of a Principal in a leading school of Pune for 10yrs as the founder Principal. She has received the Best Teacher's award 4 times, the “Ideal Principal” award & her school was awarded as the “Best School” in Maharashtra for NSS initiatives. Alumni of Holy Cross Convent in school and later St. John’s College Agra, where she graduated from, she is M.A. in History and a 2nd rank holder in the university. She stood 1st in Maharashtra in D.S.M .(Diploma in School Management). She is a poetess and has a collection of poems in English and Hindi. A national level basket ball player and an athlete in school, she also has cross country cycling to her credit. She has acted as a counsellor, a subject expert, a paper setter, an Evaluator for Board Papers and as a guest lecturer. She lays emphasis on modern approaches & innovative methodology of teaching learning and firmly believes that learning is not a product of teaching. Learning is a product of the activities of learners. A strict disciplinarian, she focuses on hard work, commitment, honesty, respect for culture & values and above all, qualitative approach in every effort. She believes that every day is a learning process and there is no end and no age for learning. Her hobbies include writing, cooking, gardening, interior decoration and theatre. Grandchild then, daughter of an army officer, later an army officer’s wife and now mother of an army officer, she lays great emphasis on discipline. She has travelled far and wide, which has broadened her outlook and understanding of various communities. These varied experiences have helped her in interacting with parents and students.
Additional Director's Message
Her message to the students of today is that, "Nothing stands in front of a willing heart and strong determination. Have a goal in mind, for goals give direction, purpose and meaning to life. If it’s to be…..it’s up to YOU. The very act of believing creates strength of its own. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know. Be willing to learn."

Mrs. Gursimran Kaur, Principal, The Lexicon International School, Wagholi

Enigmatic, and enthusiastic- Ms Gursimran Kaur, the Principal of The Lexicon International School, Wagholi is an able educationist with impeccable foresight who has, in her bag of experience, versatility which indeed makes her a true disciplinarian. On one hand, she has the experience of teaching higher secondary school students for over 13 years and on the other she has won much appreciation and accolades as a Principal & Dean of college for 6 years. Her stint as a Dean in Dr. D.Y. Patil college, won her the Ace Dean of the Year Award 2014-15 and she received immense laurels as the Best Dean among 40 campuses in India.
An M.A in English, M.S. in Counseling and Psychotherapy and M.Ed, Ms. Gursimran Kaur’s impressive accomplishments in the genre of education coupled with her outstanding years of experience is indeed commendable. She was much applauded for her dedicated contribution as the Inspector of schools deputed by the P.C.M.C Education Officer. Her tryst with education does not end here. She was deputed to review the draft of new Balbharati Vth STD text book at Balbharati Production & Curriculum Research.
Ms. Gursimran Kaur staunchly believes in the mantra of a good teacher being a learner for life and thereby encourages every teacher to be open to the vast vistas of education while constantly seeking to upgrade herself. She leaves no stones unturned in utilizing her skills and abilities for a prospective development of the Institution in any kind of challenging environment. A curious learner herself she is eager to adapt new methodology and technology and use it skillfully to nurture and spread Indian values and ethics to young minds. She believes in leading and motivating her team to perform to put their best foot forward so as to enable mutual growth and development of them as individuals and the school, as an ever-inspiring institution, aiming towards excellence in every sphere.

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