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Innovative Teaching - Experimental learning model

The Lexicon International School, Wagholi provides opportunities to learn through discovery which helps the learners to be creators, thinkers and problem solvers.  Different activities are designed and conducted based on the same. Our faculty regularly keeps attending different workshops and seminars to remain updated with the new and changing trends in education. C2B, as the activity is popularly known, proffers a wonderful platform to young students from Classes Pre-primary to V to bring out the actor, the singer, the dancer, the orator in each one and helps them hone their skills to perfection and present them on stage. Each class takes up a topic from any subject of their curriculum and portrays the various aspects related to the same through a cavalcade of theatrical extravaganza embracing Role Plays, musical and dance performances which are thoroughly enjoyed by the participants while they get into the depths of the lesson building a stronger foundation of knowledge.
Carrying forward the trend of learning through fun-filled activities as witnessed through the Caterpillar to Butterfly, the students of the secondary section of the school indulge in rigorous research work on a specific topic.

Science Innovative Projects prepared by students
English-Educational Role Play
Math-Learning Place & Face Value through activity
Math-Prime & Composite number group activity
Students have explained Types of windows operating system, shortcut keys, files, folders with the help of role play and quiz.
The students were able to identify the different types of food grains.They were also able to differentiate between food crops and cash crops.
The students were able to identify the different types of food grains.They were also able to differentiate between food crops and cash crops.
Maths activity: Students purchased fruits from each other with their fake currency.....LO- How to purchase the items from market and Concept of calculations involving money.
Class VI activity- To study the different whorls and the reproductive structures of a flower (Calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium).
Science- Air Has Weight-The Test
EVS-Soil erosion experiment
Science- Sprout salad activity
'Kargil Vijay Divas' Presentation and Quiz conducted by Class IX Students.... We Pay Homage to our Brave Soldiers because of whom we are safe and secure
Concentric circle using different radii
Math- Mirror image activity
Math- Activity using Ice cream sticks
Little champions
Colourful activities for addition
Students busy in group project
Hindi- Story making group activity
Hindi- Story making group activity
SST- 'Land Degradation & Conservation Measures' presentation
SST- 'Land Degradation & Conservation Measures' presentation
SST-History, Stone tool making activity.
Debate activity in Class IX
Quiz Competition

Model United Nation

A 25 students delegation from The Lexicon International School, Wagholi from classes X & XI participated in the COGITO MINDS MUN at FLAME UIVERSITY on 13th & 14th August to discuss matters relating to children disarmament and illicit money laundering.

Royal Rajasthan Exhibition

Rajasthan- the very name conjures up images of Imperial Living, opulent cultural heritage, warm hospitality, picturesque sand dunes and lip-smacking recipes. And this was just what The Lexicon International School, Wagholi sought to present through its irresistible exhibition on the kaleidoscopic state of Rajasthan in all its charming hues. The highlight of the exhibition was of course the mind-blowing puppet show which was shown using special eye masks. The children took everyone on a virtual reality trip of the majestic state of the Maharajas with the help of a VR binocular displaying a perfect blend of technology and culture. A vibrant display of the Marketplace, a remarkable presentation of the battles and Jauhar followed by live dance and song performances swept the visitors off their feet.

Research & Development Activity

The students of Classes VI and VII of the Lexicon International School, Wagholi, geared up for some outstanding presentations of their respective topics of Research and Development on the 7th of December, 2016. Class VI put forth the topic of “Garbage and Waste Management” wherein the students underwent a rigorous research on Bio-degradable and Non Bio-degradable waste. The myriad related concepts were presented through charts, models and Power Point presentations. Singapore formed the basis of their International study on the same topic which was elaborated and compared by the Guest Lecturer for the day Mr. Lathi who demonstrated how vermi-composting and bio-composting helps the soil to retain its fertility. The session culminated with a speech of Modi and an enthralling dance performance on the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Inequality still plagues our country and many other nations of the world. Elaborating on the concept and its various facets the students of class VII embarked on their presentation of the Research and Development. The session commenced with a Nukkad Natak depicting discrimination and its atrocious effects on the Indian society. As a part of the International streak, countries of the USA and UK were taken into consideration, as the students dwelled on a detailed comparative study of the kind of inequality that prevails in these countries and our own nation.

Pre-Primary - Real Life Demonstration Methods

For instance, the topic on Community Helpers was introduced to the little Lexiconites by bringing in people from different professions to school to aid in Enquiry-based learning. Students learnt through direct interaction with the individuals asking them questions on myriad facts to satiate their curious minds, thus igniting the spark of inquisitiveness and creating an ambience of learning through fun.

Police Officer
Post man