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The following fee schedule is applicable for the Academic Year 2017-18

NURSERY 2500 15500 5720 34320
LKG 2500 15500 5720 34320
UKG 2500 18000 5880 35280
CLASS - I 2500 20000 6090 36540
CLASS - II 2500 20000 6090 36540
CLASS - III 2500 20000 5930 35580
CLASS - IV 2500 20000 5930 35580
CLASS - V 2500 20000 5930 35580
CLASS - VI 2500 20000 6150 36900
CLASS - VII 2500 20000 6150 36900
CLASS - VIII 2500 24000 6150 36900
CLASS -IX 2500 24000 6850 41100
2600 26600 6850 41100
CLASS -XI Commerce
2500 15000 6900 41400
CLASS -XI Science
2500 20000 6900 41400
CLASS -XII Commerce 2500 20000 7590 45540
CLASS -XII Science
2500 20000 7590 45540

Terms and conditions :

  1. In addition to the fees, parents may be required to meet the expenses of school uniform, books, note books, (school lunch, school transport – Optional), educational trips, excursions, class activity /co-curricular material charges, activity charges, fees for public/board examinations, and any other requirement in connection with their child’s education at The Lexicon International School, Wagholi
  2. The cheque to be made in favour of “The Lexicon International School” payable at Pune.
  3. 2nd installment to be paid in the month of September 2017.
  4. No part payment will be accepted
  5. Dishonoured cheque will attract a fine of Rs. 500/-
  6. The academic year has 2 terms. Term 1 – April  to October 2017 & Term 2 –  November to March 2018.
  7. If a student leaves the school before the end of a Term, fees will be payable for the full Term. Under no circumstances will the fees be refunded or adjusted.
  8. In case of Mid Session admission, Fees has to be paid in full, no part payment will be accepted.
  9. The fees schedule given above is subject to change from time to time, at the discretion of The Lexicon International School management. The School will communicate any fee revision to parents.
  10. The Lexicon International School has put in place regulations necessary for the effective functioning of the School. It reserves the right to amend the regulations wherever and whenever considered necessary and appropriate. Therefore, this publication and the descriptions contained herein are not to be construed as a contract binding the School to any specific policies. The information given in the Admission form and accompanying documents is an indication of The Lexicon International School’s plans on the date of publication of this document.
  11. The submission of an Admission form does not guarantee admission.
  12.  No deduction in school fees or transport charges for vacations and broken periods
  13.  I understand that fee paid by me will not be refunded if I cancel the admission.
  14. Your child is registered in “The Lexicon International School” Wagholi. No transfer is permissible to any of our other branches.
  15. Documents Required: a) Age Proof b) 5 passport size photographs c) Original School Leaving Certificate  e) Copy of last Progress Report Card f) Residence proof Current & Permanent g) Caste certificates (if S.C, OBC, etc.)
  16. If the admission is cancelled before the start of new academic year, the school is not liable to refund any amount paid.

CLASS XI ( Commerce & Science Stream)

    1.    The provisional admissions to class XI can be applied for by paying the amount mentioned.

   2.    But, the provisional admission is NOT A GUARANTEE for confirmed admission in class XI Science / Commerce unless and until other
   obligations (such as TC, Character Certificate, Mark-Sheet, special certificate in sports/cultural, NCC Certificate, mark list, caste certificate

          or any other certificates) are fulfilled.

   3.    The final confirmation of admission depends on the minimum cut-off marks to be secured in class X (SSC/CBSE/ICSE) 75% for Science and

          60% for Commerce and also submission of the above mentioned and relevant documents.

   4.    In case of the student not fulfilling the above, the Provisional admission will stand cancelled. 75% of the fee will be refunded after 45

          working days. Admission form fee will not be refunded. Refund will happen through cheque only.

   5.    Admission strictly as per the seats available.

   6.    Foreign Nationals need to secure appropriate Visa / Residence permit and submit relevant documents at the time of admission.

   7.    The student will be provided admission only if he/she agrees to the subject combinations as being offered by the school under the respective

          streams. No special combinations would be permitted.

    8.  The student is expected to be regular in attendance and attend extra classes as and when scheduled by the school.

   9.    75% attendance is mandatory as per the CBSE norms and would be strictly monitored.

  10.  All fees are to be paid either by way of cash or a Demand Draft/cheque drawn in favour of ‘The Lexicon International School’, payable at