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Grand Celebrations of 69th Republic Day at The Lexicon International School, Wagholi

69th Republic Day Celebrations at The Lexicon International School, Wagholi Lexiconites’ Salute to the Nation “Freedom in our Minds, Faith in our Words, Pride in Our Hearts, Memories in Our Souls. Let’s salute the Nation on this Republic Day” With patriotic fervor reigning deep in their hearts and the spirit of freedom bubbling in their enthusiastic souls, the Lexiconites of Classes I to VIII of the Lexicon International School, Wagholi celebrated the 69th Republic Day in all its solemnity and grandeur. The celebrations commenced with the hoisting of the National Flag by Dr. Neeraj Sharma, the Vice Chairman of the Lexicon Group of Institutes, followed by a spectacular parade by the Student Council of the school. Talking about the importance of celebrating such national days, the Principal of Lexicon, Wagholi, Mrs. Gursimran Kaur remarked, “Students are the budding citizens of the future. Participating in such events actively ensures that the values of honesty, magnanimity, integrity and secularism are ingrained in them from the early years of life.” The main event embraced a mélange of cultural performances imbued with the spirit of nationalism. The vivacious little Lexiconites of Classes I to IV rocked the stage with their spellbinding series of dance performances depicting the Scintillating Seven Sisters of North East namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura-the seven gorgeous jewels of North-Eastern India, in all their distinct beauty and charm. Tucked away in the serene mountainous terrains of this part of the country, the states are unique and captivating in their amalgamation of culture, picturesque landscapes, exquisite wildlife and the magnanimity of the natives. And this is just what the students put forth in their striking garbs and delightful performances amidst the impeccable backdrop spruced up through apt displays spreading the message of unity in diversity. An equally enthralling dance performance on the River Brahmaputra and appealing speeches in Hindi and English by the facilitators of Lexicon, Wagholi, interspersed the programme. The students of Classes V to VIII presented a gripping skit on terrorism, an atrocity that is creating turmoil around the world. The enactment brought to light the futility of such gruesome acts which witness innocent people falling victims to and suffering without any fault on their part- acts that shatter the very basis of a democratic nation to smithereens. Dr. Neeraj Sharma, the Vice Chairman of the Lexicon Group of Institutes couldn’t help expressing his grief at such impropriety and brutality rendered towards the society. Addressing the students as well as teachers he emphasized on the integral role of education in shaping individuals into conscientious, responsible beings. “Success cannot be measured in terms of material wealth, nor can democracy be accomplished in the true sense of the term without lending out a helping hand around,” he said. “Freedom of mind and success can come only by making others around you happy- your parents, your near and dear ones and above all feel happy and contented yourself. So dear teachers you are the blessed ones to be bestowed with the power of moulding individuals and making them scrupulous beings worthy of being called ‘Rightful Citizens of the World.’