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The Lexicon International School, Wagholi Extol Nari Shakti Vivacious Lexiconites Seek to Spread the Message of Women Empowerment on 25th January 2018

Women Power Epitomised ‘SHE remembered who SHE was and the Game Changed.’ “Women Empowerment” is a subject that has been creating furore across the world since times immemorial- since the 1950s when the waves of Feminism swept across nations giving out the clarion call to empower women with rights they have been hitherto denied or perhaps even before in the 1830s when women stood steadfast to demand their rights in the political arena at par with men. Taking up such a burning topic as their basis for research the Class VIII students of The Lexicon International School, Wagholi presented their Research and Development programme on the Eve of the 68th Republic Day. The programme was attended by the esteemed dignitaries of the Management of the Lexicon Group of Institutes along with the Principals and Supervisors of the Sister Schools. Lexicon, Wagholi was privileged to have as its Guests of Honour Representatives of The Times of India, one of the nation’s largest selling and leading newspaper daily. The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the sacred lamp followed by the School Song which spread the message of positivity and motivation around, sung in melodious tunes by the School Choir. The subject for the day’s programme was then elaborated through a heartrending speech giving glimpses into the status of women in India, where despite all the hallowed decrees, adulations and eulogizing of women through poetry and art, they are still witnessed to be victims of intense discrimination in almost every sphere of life. “A woman embraces the true essence of life- she is the true architect, the bearer of mankind and the ultimate epitome of power,” believes Mr. Pankaj Sharma, The Managing Trustee, The Lexicon Group of Institutes. “ She is in no way inferior to man and as men we should let go of our egoistic demeanor and elevate her on a high pedestal, not through Odes and Poems but by respecting her in our daily lives.” A comparative analysis of Women’s Rights and Empowerment in India, Afganisthan and The United States of America depicted through a Power Point Presentation revealed the high respect and equal status given to women in countries like the US wherein women have equal rights as their male counterparts in every field whatsoever. India’s conservatism and religious dogmatism still pose obstacles in the growth of women as independent members of the society despite the fact that they have gone up the ladder of success; and the situation is much worse in countries like Afganisthan. Dr. Monisha Sharma, the Director of the Lexicon Schools was highly moved by the depiction of plight of women. “ In a country like India where male chauvinism rules and which essentially operates on the patriarchal system, women often become butt of social obligations, being robbed off their right to live independently,” she quipped. “It is thus imperative that women be empowered and given the confidence to nurture their dreams and ambitions to their fullest potential, not considering themselves anyway inferior to their male counterparts.” “The constitutional makers and national leaders strongly demand equal social status of women with men in all walks of life,” remarked Mrs. Sunita Sharma, the Additional Director, The Lexicon Schools. “Today, we see them in all the respectable positions. However, though a few women have been able to establish their potentialities and carve a niche for themselves, yet, they are not absolutely free from discrimination and harassment.” The highlight of the event was the Nukkad Natak, a street play showcasing women in her independent best- in her freedom to dream, her courage to work, and lead an independent life sans being under the custody of their fathers, husbands or sons. The enactment presented through impeccable dialogues and inspirational setting left all spellbound. The propelling performance performed by the nimble dancers of Class VIII depicting Nari Shakti was another spectacle to applaud. Through gripping songs and persuasive moves the dance performance presented the nefariousness faced by women- Female Infanticide, Molestation, Child Marriages and Dowry Deaths. “Whereas on one hand, we proudly declare ourselves to be the children of the Millennium, the highly advanced 21st Century generation, on the other, a girl’s birth is still considered condemnation,” said Mrs. Gursimran Kaur, the Principal, The Lexicon International School, Wagholi. “Even after 70 years of our Independence and on the Eve of the 68th Republic Day, women are still in the clutches of pain and suffering. It’s high time that we proactively empower women and that’s what the performers made us ponder on.” The situation is not bleak and the day’s programme culminated on an optimistic note stating that things can change when the women are trusted and supported by their family and society. In the land of legends like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, Indira Nooyi, Vandana Luthra, Chanda Kochar and an endless list of others Women in India can rewrite the ‘History of the World’.