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Education is derived from a Latin word that means to ‘bring out.’ Our philosophy on Education is very simple - ‘to draw out of the child the gift of intelligence’ - by creating an atmosphere where inquiry and interest can be stimulated by instilling confidence in a child to believe in himself or herself. Developing intellectual curiosity, awareness and harmony, enhancing creative and critical intelligence, thinking and helping children to be valued citizens of tomorrow’s world - the motivation that guides both our schools. The program shall make adequate provision for the general educational needs of its students.
The schools bring out the all round development of the student by promoting, personality development, academics, use Information Technology as one way of enhancing its mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviour which the students will need as responsible citizens in the global connected community.


The pre-primary programme seeks to develop the child’s sense of self-worth as an active learner and member of the school community. Each child learns to assume responsibility, master skills, and solve problems. Fundamental is a positive self-image for all children — feeling confident about themselves and their ideas as well as their abilities. Each child is encouraged to take risks and to view mistakes as natural learning experiences.
In the pre-primary grades, emphasis is placed equally on children's intellectual, physical and social development. Children learn through a combination of games, songs and creative projects. They play with blocks, measure sand, water or ingredients for cooking. They are taught to observe changes in the environment, examine and sort objects. Story-telling and role-playing, drawing and tracing, creating patterns and developing skills of measurement: all contribute to the laying of sure foundations in literacy and numeracy.



The primary programme follows a curriculum by drawing on teaching programme of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Teaching and learning at school is designed to be an enjoyable experience for children, thus making them want to come to school even when they don't have to. By making learning fun but meaningful and increasing student's interest, we lay the foundation for developing a lifelong interest in learning. Thus, children are developed and oriented with a readiness to successfully enter the middle school and beyond. In these grades, Hindi is offered as the second language.
Here, the focus is on encouraging inquiry, exploration and on inculcating confidence in key learning skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, information technology capability, problem-solving, management skills, observation and measurement. Children are encouraged to speak and perform at assemblies, concerts, drama productions, and so gain confidence in their ability to communicate to a wider audience. Children are also encouraged to take part in various competitions and other celebrations organised by the school regularly. They are also encouraged to take part in field trips and community service.

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To equip the students of the 21st century skills ,our secondary programme highlights creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. Here, in the secondary section we believe that communication is the most powerful tool in the global platform.

In CBSE Evaluation system, every child gets an opportunity to be evaluated on their skills. Children are encouraged to think and create, to tackle problems and to face challenges effectively. Role-plays, debates, symposiums presentations are some of the activities that are a part of our secondary curriculum.
 Our continuous efforts to engage students in an active learning environment and to enhance analytical theoretical Higher order thinking skills across all subjects. The secondary curriculum is structured to engage students in active learning processes through discussions, analysis, self reflection and critical thinking .To acquire proficiency in communicative skills in English language, we lay focus on Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and exams for the same are professionally conducted for assessments. Children are continuously encouraged to take part in various inter school competitions that would enhance the holistic development of a child.

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