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The Tech Edge

In today's world, knowledge and learning cannot be confined to textbooks alone. With the onslaught of technology today education goes beyond school books. The Lexicon International School, Wagholi comprehends the current trends and behavior in learning, leaving no stone unturned, to educate the students in technology.
The school has a well-equipped IT lab to support electronically learning and teaching. We have good grade computers and projectors with internet connectivity. We even have smart boards to assist learning. We spare no effort to prepare our learners for the global society and IT driven world.

Coding Workshop 21st April 2018

Coding Workshop 2018-19
Demonstration of Unplugged Activity
Implementation of Coding Asctivities
Overview & Integration of Coding
Overview & Integration of Coding

Code Activity - 2018-19

Hour Of Code

Certificate of Completion
I created my stage
My Hour of Code
Yeh I completed it
Introductory Session
Offline-Robotic activity
My Robotic Friends activity
We like Frozen

GEG Workshop

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GEG Participants
The Training