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The Lexicon International School Wagholi 2017-18

Mr. Batul Hussain Parent of Zahra (XII), Zainab (X A) and Taher (VI C) Words are just not enough to tell what I feel but sincerely I stand with my head high up & feel so proud to be associated with this school. I continue to pray for the well being of all of you dear teachers & students studing may each one of you zeal in life & reach for the stars.

Ms. Mahua Lahiri Parent of Debaditya L. (IV) & Deeptarko L. (VII)  I am really impressed by the ways Parent Orientation conducted & special thanks to Principal Ma'am for being really  friendly to us, Ma'am made us feel so comfortable & as well as revealed all the important Rules of school with bold words. I am really convinced that our decision of shifting our kids here is the best decision we have ever made for our kids.

Mr. Inamdar Qamruddin Parent of Amman I. (VIII) & Nikhat I. (X)  I truly admire the way you are conducting everything my kids are in Lexicon from last four years. And I agree to this that now school is doing everything at different level. Though its education or extra curriculum. Thanks to you & your professional conduct.

Mr. Vikas Kapoor Parent of Chiraag K. (VIII B)  The Lexicon School has always tried hard to understand the problems faced by parents & helped them to the best of their capacity. The School's endeavour to make the parents feel free to share their problems with schooll is very nice gesture. We will try to put the best efforts to meet expectation from school.

The Lexicon International School Wagholi 2016-17

ALL FOR KIDS WORKSHOP WORKSHOP    Srinivasu Bolla, Mona, Anil, Nazish & Fehmida( All for Kids)
We thank the school for making us feel part of the ' Lexicon' family.
It was a pleasure interacting with such enthusiastic students. very well behaved and knowledgeable students.                                                            


Parent of Raunak Shah (X) and Janak Shah-IV C
Thanks a lot for such a wonderful Annual Day. We thoroughly enjoyed. It’s the result of all the hard efforts you have put on the kids. Looking forward for such events also in future.


Preeti Bhalerao mother of Swara Bhalerao (VI-B)
Parents came forward to celebrate Teachers' Day by donning the hat of a teacher - Just for a day ! When you go on a teacher’s dias you come to realize the amount of energy, knowledge, enthusiasm, discipline the teachers put in each of their class.
Paresh Pokharna father of Prerna Pokharna (IV-B)
Excellent atmosphere in the whole school today. Kudos to student’s council members in assisting us.

Neetu Bisht mother of Ananya Bisht (III-B)
This is a nice way to pay tribute to hard working teachers who do so much to groom our kids. It feels great to be a part of this special day.                                                                                                                          
Parent of Alia Khan (VI – B) and Mohammad Faiz Khan (III-B)
I am honoured to get this chance and would like to be part of this activity every year on teacher’s day. It was a learning experience for me to know how difficult it is to manage children in the classroom with lots of patience.

"Caterpillar to Butterfly" is a unique concept of The Lexicon Schools wherein the students of L.K.G. to Class V are given an opportunity to perform individually thus overcoming their stage fright. It is the brainchild of our Director Prof. Monisha Sharma.
Parent of Ayaan Debnath (I D)
Splendid effort by teachers and children. Should encourage more of such activities besides studies. Well Done!
Parent of Kapil and Kunal Vij (I D)
Efforts of both students and teachers were extraordinary and fantastic. It was heartwarming to see our children performing in front of everybody.                                                                                                               

Parent of Mahgati Vanjari (I C)
This is an excellent programme. The concept of integrating the subjects and participation of all students is very good. Good coordination and organization.                                                                                                           
Parent of Mahi Tyagi (II F)

It was a wonderful show apart from class activities. Really appreciate efforts taken by teaching staff to offer this platform to kids to shed their stage fear.                     
Parent of Spoorthi Ashok Kolhapur (II A)

I feel very proud for the school, teachers and management for their efforts. Totally it was a great success. Thank you for this opportunity.                                                                                                            
Parent of Vaishali Mishra (III D)    
Really impressed by the group performance of the children. Nice to know that children are being prepared for stage shows.
Parent of Anushka Hottr (III A)                            

Brilliant job by the school. This kind of programme will definitely help the children develop multiskills.
Parent of Mayara Sharma (IV B)                             
The presentation was excellent. I loved the confidence that the children had in them. They are indeed transforming into a beautiful butterflies!! Great efforts by the teachers too!! Congratulations!                                                       
Parent of Aditya Sharma (IV C)
This programme was really good and I could see my child being more confident & open out on stage. Wish for more programmes like this in the future.   

Prof. P. Kumuraguru, IIIT Delhi 
( CBSE Cyber security workshop "Stay safe Online" held on 22nd & 23rd December 2015 at Lexicon wagholi)

Awesome organization!