Best CBSE School in Pune | Lexicon International School.

Early Enrolment Incentive for Class XI admissions:

  • Lexiconites – No admission fee will be applicable till 15th January, 2024. Post 15th January, 2024, 50% admission fee will be applicable. (This clause is also applicable to students coming from the Lexicon Kalyani Nagar Campus for the Science Stream only, at the Lexicon Wagholi & Hadapsar Campus.)
  • Non-Lexiconites – 50% admission fee is applicable till 15th January, 2024. Post 15th January, 2024, 100% admission fee will be applicable.

Lexicon - Beyond Borders

  • The Lexicon Schools, one of the best CBSE schools in Pune and with a motive for child-centric, progressive & global education. The Schools take a step forward and volunteer in making unconventional subjects available to students to build their competence.
  • As the motto goes, we believe in teaching all Lexiconites to have faith in themselves and their abundant potential. We believe in actualizing their dreams and passions. Every student that walks into the Lexicon Campuses will have abundant opportunities to Learn, Grow, Excel, and Innovate. We like to look at education as a medium to open minds, give direction, explore passion, and to build unbeatable competence.
  • The Lexicon Schools believe in virtues beyond borders. We endorse and implement Global Education and make sure that the Lexiconites prioritize humanity, kindness, oneness, coexistence, and sustainability wherever they go.
  • We keep the winsomeness in all Lexiconites alive. We want to build ethical leaders, wise scholars, passionate sportsmen, creative thinkers, and skilled professionals.
  • It is for the same motives and dedication that The Lexicon Schools were featured by Forbes in their list of ‘Great places to study in India.’
  • We make all efforts possible to make sure that we expose all Lexiconites to an international quality of education and inculcate faith and strength within them. We want all Lexiconites to think of this school as a place that encourages them to be authentic, passionate, and courageous. We build citizens of the world!
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Campus Review

Renu Despande

We are highly pleased as parents with our child's experience at the school. Our son has been given numerous opportunities to explore and excel in various areas. The school has effectively managed to find the right equilibrium between academic and extracurricular activities. Today, we had the privilege of attending the annual concert as participants, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a delight to witness the enthusiastic performances by the children. We extend our gratitude to all the staff at Lexicon for their guidance and support.

Sudhir Hate

I had a highly positive experience attending the 6th-grade R&D program at Lexicon School. The chosen topic was excellent, and the students' presentations were impressive. The teamwork was remarkable, and it's noteworthy that students are introduced to research and development concepts from an early age. They not only presented but also demonstrated their activities. I left with deep appreciation for the school's Principal and the staff. I'm very thankful for this opportunity.

Hiteshi Dekate

We had the pleasure of attending the C2B program organized by Lexicon School for class 1, and I have to say, this initiative by the school's management is commendable. It's a great way to boost confidence in every student, providing them with the opportunity to perform on stage. The event was well-coordinated by all the teachers, and it was heartwarming to see the children taking the lead in the show. A big thank you to the teachers and Lexicon School for this wonderful experience.

Jyoti Parmar

Our son is enrolled in 1 E, and for the first time, we attended his C2B event. We were truly impressed by not only our son but all the students who exhibited great confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline on stage. The Lexicon school is really giving wings to small caterpillars to become butterflies so our kids can soar to great heights. The credit for this remarkable experience goes to the hard work of the teachers.

Nita Bafna

I want to express our gratitude to Lexicon School for hosting fantastic sports events and dedicating so much effort to our children's development. We genuinely appreciate the hard work put in by all the teachers.

Pruthviraj Kadake

Our experience has been absolutely amazing, and the staff is exceptional. They show a deep concern for the well-being of the students and consistently go the extra mile to support them. A heartfelt thank you to the outstanding administration!

Rupali Bhoite

I want to express my utmost gratitude for the expected dedication with which I chose the best school for my child. The entire team at Lexicon Wagholi is excellent. I am a parent at Lexicon School, and she has been there for nine years. There has been a noticeable improvement in her skills over the past few years. But I was extremely delighted to see her yesterday for C2B (Caterpillar to butterfly). The confidence that this platform has given her is extraordinary. Last but not least, this achievement is a result of the hard work and dedication of the exceptional teachers and the school team who tirelessly support each child. Thank you.

What students say about us

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Times School Survey 2022

For the 8th Consecutive Year, The Lexicon Schools is proud to have ranked #1 amongst all schools in Pune, Maharashtra, in the National Curriculum Category under the Times Schools Survey 2022, Pune.

Forbes India- Great Places to Study

Forbes India has awarded The Lexicon Schools with the title of Great Places to Study.

BBC Knowledge Education Award

The Lexicon Schools have been honoured with the BBC Knowledge Education Award.

International Dimension in Schools

The Lexicon Schools have been honoured with the International Dimension in Schools award.

‘Pride of Maharashtra’ awarded to Honorable Shri S. D. Sharma

Our Chairman, Shri S. D. Sharma, has been bestowed with the prestigious title of 'Pride of Maharashtra' in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the field of education.

AsiaOne Awards for ‘Asia’s Greatest Emerging Leader Award’

Our President, Mr. Pankaj Sharma was awarded with the title of ‘Asia’s Greatest Emerging Leader Award’ at the AsiaOne Awards held in Singapore in 2018.

Times ‘Men of The Year for Education’

Times ‘Men of The Year for Education’ awarded to Mr. Pankaj Sharma and Mr. Neeraj Sharma President, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, and Vice Chairman, Mr. Neeraj Sharma were honoured by the Times Group with their prominent ‘Men of The Year’ Award for their immense contribution in the field of Education. Over the last thirteen years, they have been able to change the way we look at education and have successfully made education inclusive and available to all.