Admissions OPEN for Pre-Primary, Classes I & XI for academic session 2023-24.

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Admissions OPEN for Pre-Primary, Classes I & XI for academic session 2023-24.

Early enrolment incentive for class – XI

  • Lexiconites – No admission fees till 15th Jan 2023. Post 15th Jan 2023, 50% admission fee will be applicable.
    The above clause is also applicable to students coming from Lexicon Kalyaninagar campus for Science Stream at Lexicon Wagholi.
  • Non-Lexiconites – 50% admission fees till 15th Jan 2023. Post 15th Jan 2023, 100% admission fee will be applicable


From the Principal's Desk

Mrs. Petronella Eates

Principal-The Lexicon International School, Wagholi

Appreciation & Feedback from Parents

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    My son Aditya is studying in Class VIII in this school. I appreciate the efforts taken by the school and teachers to avoid Academic losses for these kids when schools are closed because of this unexpected pandemic situation, like never before to this world. Teachers took tremendous efforts to get adapted to the online teaching so fast and make students comfortable too, to adapt this e-learning. I must mention they have not left any stone untouched to make learning joyful and productive. Teachers have supported these children psychologically and made sure they remain active physically too. School has taken a big leap towards eLearning to avoid Academic Curriculum losses for these children in this lockdown situation where everyone was helpless and worried about the future. I am really grateful to these respected teachers and school management. And a big, Thank you.

    • Archana Changedia
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    This is one of the best CBSE school in Pune and now, it is more like a family, as not just my kid but my sister's children and many of my friends kids are studying here. Teachers are very cooperative and supportive and their all time availability to solve parent queries, alongside their personal engagements is truly commendable. C2b program conducted today was absolutely amazing. It is a great exercise to keep the fun communication open with teachers, students, parents and staff. Really appreciate the way they communicated the importance of hygiene in a fun way to our kids. Extremely proud to see a Lexiconite growing in my family.

    • Chandrakanta Singh
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    Amazing school. I am glad my son is a part of the Lexicon family. It is the most delightful experience I have had in education and encouragement for children growth and wellbeing. Thank you.

    • Rashmi Malhotra
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    The Lexicon International School, Wagholi is the best school in Pune. My son Harshwardhan Lande is studying in Class VIII in this school. I am very happy about the online classes conducted by the school during this pandemic situation. I really appreciate the hardwork and efforts taken by the school and teachers. Thank you Teachers for your constant support during this critical time.

    • Smita Lande
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    I personally wanted to thank the principal, teaching staffs and the teachers for organizing the online classes in no way comparatively less than the regular classes. Fell blessed to be part of Lexicon International School (Wagholi). I like the teaching methodology followed by school during this pandemic. The recent online C2B activity conducted by school was very well organized. All teachers are loving and caring towards children, specially Sarita Ma’am (Class 2H), she teaches very well. She is so kind and compassionate in every situation. Her teaching is excellent. She understands child’s mind-set and teaches patiently. She keeps the class interactive and ensure that every child is given opportunity to express their ideas. She always makes sure the child understood the concept. Always shows in gives practical example to kids to teach the concept and clarifies the doubts that the student has. My daughter Aaradhya, she likes Sarita ma’am very much.

    • Abhijeet Roy
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    Good school with systematic classes, updated teachings and effective learning. The teachers are great too. My son is in Nursery class and takes great interest in all activities during the class. The online sessions are conducted with great convenience to the parents as well. Other than academics, they are also providing the chance to attend extra curricular activities, fitness sessions and self-care sessions time to time.

    • Kanika Sood
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    I found this Lexicon school very good. Teachers are cooperative and helpful. They are giving their best while teaching and not only providing bookish knowledge but also giving them big picture with scenarios and good examples. This is the best CBSE school I was looking for. Thanks.

    • Sanjeev Jaiswal
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    My daughter is in 10th n during Covid-19 things we experience regarding the school and the staff is being shared here. Lexicon school, Wagholi played a vital role in students' Pandemic Academics. Teachers kept record of students' performance and took measures to improve the same in an outstanding manner. They Cooperated to the next level and satisfied parents' numerous queries. I must say all the teachers of 9th &10th standards worked hard towards the students' performance n their regularity to the online classes. Now when the school has opened their gates, teachers with great enthusiasm welcoming their students and ensuring the safety n security of each student at the top most priority. I must appreciate and thank the Principal for the effective undertaking of the whole system during the pandemic.

    • Rashmina Irfan
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    Lexicon International school Wagholi is highly reputed school. My both kids are in Lexicon School. All teachers are conducting online classes in an effective manner During this pandemic. Teachers are taking too much efforts on every child. This year C2B also conducted very good virtually. Overall happy with Lexicon School.

    • Sapna Diwakar
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    Lexicon, for my child is a place where he spends the best hours of the day, where he jumps, runs, plays and grasps knowledge with great joy. The school has provided holistic development to my child. At the end of the day my child comes back home with sheer satisfaction and happiness. As a parent very happy with the school and management

    • Mr. Subhashis Bhattacharya
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